Exhibition: "Current Location" at The Waiting Room

Wayfinding will be a part of The Waiting Room's Current Location exhibition opening Friday, January 18th and running through February 28.

Featuring Joseph G. Cruz, Kristina Estell, Isa Newby Gagarin, Jessica Henderson, David Horvitz and Kathryn Miller.

"Co-curated by Mary L. Coyne and Jehra Patrick, Current Location is a meditation on representing and understanding cosmological and geographical space. The six artists included in Current Location practice within the ontological gap between representation and viewer, and draw on digitally and historically archived materials to render sensible the distinctly contemporary experience of existence-beyond-place.

Featured works offer cues like the compass arrow of Google earth, spectrographs of starlight, simultaneous iPhone videos shot from across continents, maps and images found in institutional archives, and mail art that physically circumnavigates the globe through economical trade-driven shipping routes. These are gestures toward systems constructed over an expanding history of technological development: the ever-shifting modes of representation on which we rely to comprehend, calculate and delineate the real and imagined vagaries of proximity and distance. The artists in the exhibition each explore how we identify our sense of place via the effects of cartographic languages and archived histories. Together these artworks make visible the apathetic existentialism of our daily validation of 'current location.'"

From: http://waitingroomart.org/Current-Location

For more information visit the Current Location event page on Facebook.

"This is how we understand and dissect our past. We learn through artifacts. We learn about he civilities of the time, the religions of the time and the sociobehavioral constructs of the time. The objects denote our existence."  

- Karim Rashid, Design Thinking, 262

Exhibition: Papyri

I currently have books available for purchase in conjunction with the Papyri exhibition at Prøve Gallery, Duluth Minn.

Papyri, Prøve Gallery
Opening Reception: August 9, 2013, 7-11pm
Open Gallery Hours: Thur, Fri & Sat from 3-7pm

"Join Prove as we celebrate one of the most ancient forms of media - paper. 'Papyri', features work on paper from local and regional artists, as well as books from regional writers and photographers and Duluth's Holy Cow! Press. As always, Crunchy Bunch will be spinning records and admission to this event will be free!"